Monday, March 01, 2010

Truth in Advertising of "Utah HOA Attorneys".

There's a new website out there that purports to be a listing of HOA attorneys in Utah.  There's one firm listed on the site, and the listed lawyer (who won't be identified) is identified as a "thoroughly [sic] attorney."   Since I'd never seen the site before, I thought I'd give it the benefit of the doubt, and suggest Hobbs & Olson for a listing, but I clearly indicated in my email that I was not interested in paying for a listing.  5 minutes later, after 9 p.m., I received a response which stated: "we are a paid only service, we do not give space away for free..."

So, if you want to find a "thoroughly [sic] attorney," who is paying to be the listed HOA attorney, you might want to find that other site by Googling it.  I'm not going to list it here, because that would be assisting that site's credibility, and I don't think that a website that purports to list "the best hoa attornies [sic] in Utah," but that is a "paid only service" deserves any credibility.


  1. I guess that I am the attorney listed as the "thoroughly [sic] attorney" on this other website. At least that is what a client told me. In response to this blog, I would state that neither I nor my firm paid anything for a reference on this site. In fact, I did not even know about it. Perhaps they only charge a fee when the attorney attempts to list one's self? Once again, I don't know because I have never been to the site nor did I do anything or pay anything to be listed on it.

    John Morris
    McKay, Burton & Thurman

  2. John:

    Perhaps if you paid for your listing, they'd clean up some of those glaring typos. ;-)

    I'm glad, for your sake, that you're not paying for it...

    Should I start a poll on this site, to have readers suggest a substitute for "thoroughly?"