Thursday, October 29, 2009

Now Available on Facebook

For those of you who are a bit frustrated with following and trying to post comments through Blogger, I'm pleased to announce that I'm now on Facebook at the Utahcondolaw page. It appears it will be easier to post there.

And for my Facebook friends who don't care about community association law, I will soon be pulling my Utahcondolaw feed from my personal page. (As soon as I figure out how it is feeding.)

So, condo and other community association friends, if you want to follow this blog on Facebook, be sure to become a fan of the Uthacondolaw page. Other Facebook friends, please accept my apology for this and past boring posts on community association law. You can continue to look forward to my witty[?], inspiring[?], thoughful and always humble posts on Facebook.

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