Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Polygamy, or an HOA?

Jeffs Issues Edict to Followers
October 11th, 2006 @ 7:31am

(KSL News) A crucial witness in the Warren Jeffs criminal case has filed a civil lawsuit against him.

Lawyers for the woman, identified as M.J., confirmed she is "Jane Doe Number 4" in the Washington County case against Jeffs.

M.J. claims she was forced into a polygamous marriage with an older man.

During a hearing Tuesday, Jeffs issued a new edict to his followers: "Do not sign your name to any document for property that has already been consecrated to God."

This latest proclamation could complicate plans to reform the 110-million dollar United Effort Plan Trust. A judge is just days away from approving a historic change to the trust by signing a proposed reform plan that would create individual property owners.

Non-FLDS members would likely be the first to receive property, and FLDS member who don't sign the papers would live under a homeowners association.

Hmmm. Polygamy under a theocracy, or living in an HOA? How long do I have to decide?

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